Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

9 Ways to Count Your Blessings

1. Keep a gratitude journal
A gratitude journal can give you perspective about the great things in your life.  Take some time every day to write down five things that you are grateful for that day.
Writing down what you are grateful for allows you to organize your thoughts and put the experience into context.


2. Remember and be grateful for challenges and "negative" experiences because they've taught you valuable lessons in patience, understanding, humility and strength.

3. Focus on the gifts.  Be thankful for the gifts that we receive from others, such as a smile or a kind word, as well as the gifts we offer to others.

4. Pray for gratitude or for the ability to be grateful.  Whether or not you are religious, take the time to sit quietly and think about what you're thankful for.

5. Be grateful for your health.  The human body is an amazing machine.  Even if you are experiencing health challenges, be thankful for all that yours can do.

6. Keep a visual reminder to be grateful, such as a picture frame with your favorite gratitude quote, and surround yourself with grateful people. 

7. Commit to practicing gratitude.  Make a concerted effort to practice gratitude every single day.  Let others know you appreciate them. 

8. Maintain a positive, grateful attitude. Replace a negative internal monologue with positive thoughts.

9. If you must, fake it. If you're having trouble being grateful, fake it until you are.  Smile, say thank you and write a thank you note to someone who's helped you recently.  Soon, all of this gratitude will overtake any negativity.

Source: Emmons, Robert (2007) How Practicing gratitude can make you happier. New York, Haughton Miflin